Annual Protection Amulet


Make: Metal
Length: 4.5 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Weight: 30 grams
*The above measurements are all approximate.

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Product Description

This powerful talisman is designed to activate the auspicious positive energy brought by the Heavenly Star #6 in the Year of the Rooster (2017).

Beautifully crafted cure featuring the great Polaris Star of the North
In 2017, the annual Heavenly Star flies into the North, palace of Careers.
Hence there is wonderful divine energy from this location which can enhance the promotion chances and career advancements to new levels.
The Heavenly Star brings excellent support from the Devas who can provide excellent assistance in the attainment of goals, and protection against harm.
The Talisman is also inscribed with a powerful Taoist amulet inscription to dispel any inauspiciousness and invoke the protection of the Celestial Protectors
Due to the enhancing power this star, we highly recommend this talisman everyone, especially all career professionals who wish to have a smoother year ahead.
Strongly recommended for:

All career professionals wishing for a smoother year ahead
Anyone living in North Bedrooms
All those born in year of Rat
NOTE: We do not advise the continued use of key chain cures that have been used for more than a year, as it has already absorbed a lot of negative energy. We strongly advise disposing feng shui cures that are broken, chipped or badly scratched