Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Amulet Keychain


Weight: 70 grams
Height: 12.5 cm
Length: 5.0 cm
Width: 0.3 cm
Make: Brass
*The above measurements are all approximate.

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Product Description

This beautiful Double Horned Blue Rhinoceros with anti burglary amulet works as an talisman to protect you against the nasty effects of the violent number 7 star that manifests itself in the form of robbery, car accidents or someone cheating you of something or someone that is rightfully yours.

The Metallic Number 7 Star of Robbery visits the Southwest, affecting all Patriarchs and those whose bedrooms or entrances are there. Fathers and grandfathers are in danger of being hurt by metal weapons in 2017. Carry this amulet at all times for powerful self protection.