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  • Weight: 775 grams
  • Heigth: 14.5 cm
  • Length: 14.5 cm
  • Width: 7.0 cm
  • Make: Resin
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Product Description

In India, belief in the Sacred Cow also known as Kamadhenu is revered by many as the cow who grants all wishes. This is similar to the wish granting cow in Buddhist scriptures. In Tibetan Buddhism, this cow is part of the Mandala Offering of the Universe.

The 8 Auspicious Objects and 7 Royal Emblems painted on its body are to symbolize different kinds of good fortune brought by the precious sacred cow.

The Mystic Knot brings a long life filled with harmony and loving energies. The Conch Shell offers good news coming from near and far. The Double Fish brings an abundance of prosperity luck. The Lotus symbolizes goodwill and purity of intention. The Victory Banner brings success luck in all your endeavours. The Vase accumulates merits and blessings. The Wheel brings wisdom in spiritual practices. The Precious Jar contains never-ending family wealth.  The 7 Royal Emblems brings a life of luxury, harmony and endless good fortune. The Precious Queen, Precious General and Precious Minister ensure there is excellent matriarchal care, and good administrative and protection energies into your household. The Precious Elephant and Precious Horse bring power and success. The Precious Jewel and Precious Wheel bring wealth and wisdom.

Place the Sacred Cow on any cabinet top, if possible in the Northeast of the living or dining room, and let its sacred presence manifest a life of complete happiness and well-being.


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